Thursday, November 12, 2009

Updates, New Services, etc!

Yes, I'm still on vacation! lol But I wanted to give a few updates BEFORE I come back in January. I wanted to get it all done now so that when I do come back, I can start FRESH!

THIS Blog:
You may or may not notice, I did a bit of a design revamp here on this blog AND I moved items around and removed some items.

The main purpose of this revamp was to remove some items in order to cut back on my workload and utilitze my REAL website to the fullest. No sense in updating two sites every time I have a any changes, service updates or additions.

I will keep this blog, but my navigation, which is now located on the left sidebar, will now go directly to my main website. I will also keep all the Ready2Go blog links and Custom Blog Design links in tact. I may do more changes later, but this is it for now.

To browse around my website, go here. You may want to subscribe to the blog located directly off of my main website, here.

New Service - EXCLUSIVE Ready2Go Designs:
This is the same as the basic Ready2Go but with additional graphics and a wider layout. You can view the Premium Ready2Go packages and pricing here.

New Service - Etsy Shop Design
I am now offering Etsy Shop Design to include banners, avatars and value packages. You can view the Etsy Shop Design packages and pricing here.

New Service - Blog Boutique Design:

I am now offering a new way to sell your products without the domain, hosting and sometimes costly e-commerce shop fees. Yes, you can sell your products via your blog! A Blog Boutique is the perfect option for the small business owner selling just a few products. You can view the Blog Boutique options and pricing here. There is even a sample Boutique to view!

WHEW, I think that's it! I hope you'll be back to visit me in November to order your web, blog or boutique design.


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    Have a great weekend!


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